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Fax to Email service for 0871 Numbers

Receive faxes via email with our on-line Fax Email Service!

Our on-line Fax to Email service is available for all other number ranges including 070, 0844, 0800, 0870, 0845 and 0870 numbers. It enables you to receive faxes direct to your PC as e-mail attachments.

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Fax to Email - How it works?

When a fax is received by your 0871 number, the fax message is received by our servers, converted to a PDF file and attached to an e-mail which we send to any email address you specify. When you receive the e-mail, the PDF document can be viewed with free Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other PDF compatible application. Our internet fax to email service will save you the cost of rental charges for another telephone line and a fax machine. It will also save on costs for fax rolls although you can always print out your faxes if you wish.

You can receive faxes by email from any location where you have access to your email. You can easily copy and paste fax files into other applications. Distributing faxes to someone else is as easy as forwarding an email. You can archive your faxes in the same manner as ordinary emails.

Our internet fax service will improve your office efficiency and reduce the costs involved in managing your business communications.

Benefits of UK 2 Numbers - Fax to Email service for 0871

  • We pay you from 4p to 7p per minute for faxes you receive by your 0871 number.
  • You pay nothing to receive fax via email.
  • Instant on-line change of email address used to receive faxes via email.
  • No need for any specialised software to receive faxes.
  • No need for a fax machine - our Fax to Email service will act as your virtual fax machine.
  • No second telephone line (saving on rental charges).
  • You can receive a fax by email from any location where you can pick up your mail.
  • Save on paper - although you can print your faxes out if you wish.
Your 0871 number is multi-purpose and can be switched to do other things as well:
  • Forward calls to any UK land line, Mobile or International Number.
  • Act as a voicemail and can support any other service we provide. - Full list of services.
How to order the Fax to Email service for your 0871 number:

To order the Fax 2 Email service for your 0871 number:

  1. Order an 0871 number you wish to use for fax to email
  2. Go to "My Account" section of the website
  3. Click on the "Fax to Email" link from the left menu under the title "ADVANCED ROUTING"
  4. Choose the number or numbers for which you wish to order the Fax 2 Email service
  5. Follow the on screen instructions
  6. When prompted enter an email address for receiving fax messages
    Please make sure that the address provided is a valid and working email address.

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